Biomonitoring in China

Bob Hughes has consulted on 2 projects in China since 2010.

In southern China, he has worked with a professor and graduate student at Nanjing Agricultural University on 3 manuscripts (Chen et al. 2014, 2015; Wang et al. 2014). Dr. Hughes’ contributions to this research included advising on data analyses and manuscript preparation.

In northern China, Dr. Hughes is consulting with scientists at the China Research Academy of Environmental Sciences. That research has focused on developing national standard methods for sampling fish, macroinvertebrates, and diatoms in wadeable streams and navigable rivers and lakes. To date, 2 manuscripts have been produced: 1) a national protocol for sampling stream macroinvertebrates (Li et al. 2014) and 2) a review of diatom assemblage sampling and indicator development methodologies (Wang et al. In Review Marine & Freshwater Research). Dr. Hughes’ contributions to this research included advising on survey design, sampling methodologies, data analyses, and manuscript preparation, as well as field sampling.

Associated Publications

Chen, K., R.M. Hughes, and B. Wang. 2015. Effects of fixed-count size on macroinvertebrate richness, site separation, and bioassessment of Chinese monsoonal streams. Ecological Indicators 53:162-170.

Chen, K., R.M. Hughes, S. Xu, J. Zhang, D. Cai, and B. Wang. 2014. Evaluating performance of macroinvertebrate-based adjusted and unadjusted multi-metric indices (MMI) using multi-season and multi-year samples. Ecological Indicators 36:142-151.

Wang, B-X., C-Y Qin, K. Cai, Y. Zhang, and R.M. Hughes. 2014. Quantitative tolerance values for common stream benthic macroinvertebrates in Yangtze River Delta, eastern China. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 186:5883-5895.

Li, L., L. Liu, R. Hughes, Y. Cao, and X. Wang. 2014. Towards a protocol for stream macroinvertebrate sampling in China. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment. 186:469-479.