Puyallup Watershed Monitoring

In 2012 the Amnis Opes Institute was contract by the Puyallup Tribe to assist in their ongoing monitoring efforts in the Puyallup Watershed. We sampled 15 randomly selected sites, (5 per river) from the mainstems of the Carbon, White and Puyallup Rivers using the large river protocol found in Status and Trends Monitoring for Watershed Health & Salmon Recovery: Field Data Collection Protocol for Wide Rivers and Streams (Merritt 2010). Sites were selected from the Washington Department of Ecology’s (WEC) Master Sample List using a Generalized Random Tessellation Stratified survey design developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. We chose this sample design because it not only allows us to make inferences about the condition of all three rivers individually and the combined watershed as a whole, but also compare the condition of these rivers to other rivers in Washington State. This has been a collaborative effort with the Puyallup Tribe at every level of the project – from study design to data collection and analysis.

Status and Trends Statewide Monitoring Framework