Status and Trends Monitoring for Watershed Health and Salmon Recovery

Since 2010 the Amnis Opes Institute has worked with the Washington Department of Ecology as part of their Status and Trends Monitoring for Salmon Recovery and Watershed Health. The goal of the monitoring effort is to provide quantitative, statistically valid, and consistent estimates of the status and trends in the physical, chemical, and biological conditions of Washington′s river s and streams. Data from this study will be used to determine the present condition of Washington’s rivers and streams, monitor future changes in these conditions and ascertain the quality of salmonid habitat.

Status and Trends Monitoring for Watershed Health and Salmon Recovery: Quality Assurance Monitoring Plan

Status and Trends Statewide Monitoring Framework

The Amnis Opes Insitute has evaluated 300 river and stream sites for the Washington Department of Ecology: 100 sites in the Lower Columbia and Washington Coastal Regions, 100 sites in the Middle Columbia and Snake River Regions and 100 sites in the Upper Columbia and Northeast Washington Regions. This was part of a state wide probability study designed to assess the condition of the aquatic resources at the local and regional scale.