Environmental Planning and Permitting

Amnis Opes Environmental Planning and Permitting

As the human population continues to grow, preserving natural ecosystems while meeting society’s demand for products from land-use activities becomes a greater challenge. Although many believe that land must either be reserved for wildlife or made available for land use activates sustaining human populations and ecosystems over the long term will require that we accomplish both of these objectives simultaneously on the same piece of land. AOI is committed to developing innovative, sustainable and bi-partisan solutions which ensure environmental preservation while meeting the resource demands of a growing human population. We have environmental planning or permitting experience in most western states.

Here are some of the services we can provide:

  • Section 10 and 4(d) Scientific Collection Permits
  • Endangered Species Act Section 7 and 10 documents
  • Wetland delineation, monitoring and mitigation
  • Habitat conservation plans
  • FERC licensing and relicensing
  • Fish and Habitat monitoring


  • Distribution and abundance
  • Migration and movement
  • Survival and growth
  • Spawning and adult escapement
  • Habitat use
  • Population modeling


  • Quantitative and Qualitative habitat assessments
  • Habitat mapping
  • Invertebrate sampling, monitoring, and analysis
  • Amphibian sampling and habitat studies

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