Geographic Information Systems

Amnis Opes Geographic Information Systems

Because of their capacity to simultaneously analyze multiple geo-referenced datasets, GIS have become standard tools used by researchers, managers and planners to track changes in the condition of resources over time, forecast future conditions under different management scenarios and analyze ecological patterns and processes. Geographic Information Systems are a key component of many aspects of AOI projects from remote sensing, data collection, archiving and analysis to generating reports, cartographic products and publications. Through the use of data collection quality controls, ground-truthing and rectification we ensure the quality and accuracy of collected and archived data. Spatial statistics are an excellent tool for identifying multi-scale spatial patterns and temporal trends. We use open source GIS products when possible because it is more economical for our clients to use and facilitates collaboration on and distribution of our products. These digital systems facilitate the visualization, interpretation, comparison and archiving of data over space and time.

Here are some of the services we can provide:

  • Spatial statistics
  • Cartographic and thematic mapping
  • Photogrammetry and topographic mapping
  • High resolution-low altitude air photos
  • Collection of field attributes using GPS
  • Land use and land cover delineation (riparian vegetation, forest types etc)
  • Watershed planning

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